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Sunglasses 3er nature

Product No.:
1 Week 1 Week (abroad may vary)
29,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs

Size (H/L/D): 40/21/2,5

Weight:  0,4 kg

the bars can point left or right

Number of bars: 3
Might be used to store the following:  sunglasses, bracelet

Material: wood, stained, lacquered    
                aluminium bars
Colours:  nature, silver

Mounting installing:  with 3 extreme strong magnets or keyholes

The sunglasses displayed in the photo
are not included in the sale. 

Put an end to lost or, even worse, scratched up sunglasses!

Mounted on the doorframe or fridge sunglasses are now protected and always within grasp.

Magnets will keep the surface unharmed, and you can move the unit at will.
You also can use the keyholes on the back to mount it on the wall with nails/screws.

You can adjust the rods as you like –to the left or to the right – whatever suits you best.
Each rod will hold up to 3 pairs of sunglasses.

On the back, we’ve inserted extremely strong disc magnets (material: NdFeB, magnet output N42) into the wood to keep your jewellery furniture firmly in place. One single disc magnet can hold up to 2,4 kg. Use on a metal door frame, the water heater or, for example, your fridge.

In addition, we have routed two keyholes in the back so you can easily hang it from screws in the wall as well. The keyhole cut ensures that your piece stays in place.